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Compressed Air Leak Detection

Your compressed air system is critical to your day-to-day business operations. Over time, the hoses, fittings, and threads wear down—eventually leading to compressed air leaks. This loss in efficiency can be costly. At TMI, we offer compressed air leak detection and remediation services to restore your system’s performance.

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Stop losing money from leaks. Get in touch with our team for compressed air leak detection.

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Hassle-free Detection Process

Our compressed air leak detection process identifies all leaks in your system, generating a report that outlines the location and severity of the leaks based on size. We utilize that report to fix as many leaks as possible, all while providing an exceptional customer experience.


Disruption-free Detection

Our ultrasonic technology uncovers compressed air leaks without any effect on your production line.


Trustworthy Expertise

Our technicians leverage 3,000+ leak studies worth of experience to save you time, energy, and money.


Tailored Solutions

We offer compressed air leak detection for compressors of any size, make, and model, for all varieties of businesses.


Minimize the Cost of Compressed Air Leaks

Typical compressed air systems are running a 20-30% leak loss volume—in turn, making that much more air than plant demand requires. Operating this way often results in higher maintenance costs, utility bills and breakdown frequency.

How does this look in a real-life scenario? As an example, running a 100 HP air compressor for three shifts costs $60,000 annually. The 20-30% leak loss could make up $12,000-$18,000 of that total spend, based on the same costs and hours. You can reduce the cost of compressed air leaks by fixing them before they worsen.

Request a Quote and Qualify for Rebates

Your electric utility provider may offer incentives for fixing compressed air leaks, depending on your facility’s location. To see if you qualify, get in touch with us for a free quote.