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Energy Efficiency

Learn how making the switch to a more efficient air compressor can significantly improve your facility’s profitability.

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Less Electricity. More Profitability.

Air compressors have one of the largest electric motors and are one of the most continuously run machines in a typical manufacturing plant. In fact, over the course of 10 years, an air compressor’s energy cost can be as much as 10 times the upfront cost of the equipment itself!

That’s all to say, sometimes the “cheapest” compressor option isn’t the cheapest after all. That’s why our team is sure to address efficiency standards while helping you find the best solution for your facility. 

Air Compressor Energy Rebates

Utility companies know that compressed air systems draw a massive amount of electricity. For this reason, air compressors have some of the greatest opportunities for energy savings. From prescriptive measures to custom solutions, our team understands the rebate process and can help maximize the money coming back to you. 

Incentive Type Rebate Amount
Variable speed drive compressor $100-200 per HP
Variable speed drive air dryer $3.50 per CFM
Compressor heat recovery ductwork $50 per HP
Low-pressure drop filter $7.50 per HP
Leak audit $15–20 per HP
Zero-loss condensate drain $300 per drain


Compressed Air System Auditing

Our audits are designed to take a comprehensive look at your complete compressed air system. From the number of air compressors you’re using to the type of dryer, and even your piping, we take every factor into account. We’ll assess how much of your air capacity you’re using on each shift, and then we’ll develop an audit that outlines concerns and presents data-based solutions.

We’ll tell you exactly how much you’d spend to make system improvements, and what you’d get back. We know that productivity and the bottom line are always top-of-mind, and our audits are geared to help you get the very best return on any improvements you make.

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