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Oil-free Air Compressors

When air purity is critical, an oil-free air compressor is the only option. Requiring no oil for lubrication, these machines utilize advanced materials and technologies to operate free of contaminants, moisture, and particulates.

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Do You Need an Oil-free Compressor?

Most manufacturing applications require a certain level of air purity. However, there are some where even the slightest contamination could cause equipment damage, product quality issues, and/or safety hazards.

A few industries we regularly supply oil-free solutions for are: 

Medical and pharmaceutical


Food and beverage






Power, Purified

Zero Contamination Risk

A consistently, clean and reliable source of compressed air.

Reduced Emissions

No oil contaminants in your facility or outdoor environment.

Oil-injected vs. Oil-free Compressors

  Oil-injected compressor Oil-free compressor
Air Quality Unpure; certain risk of oil contamination Pure; zero risk of oil contamination
Maintenance Higher; requires oil changes and filter replacements Lower; no oil changes or filter replacemens
Operating Conditions Versatile; can operate in most conditions Sensitive; can be affected by extreme temperatures and humidity
Cost Varies; generally less expensive upfront Varies; generally more expensive upfront
Environmental Impact High; risk of oil spills, leaks, and air pollution Low; no risk of oil pollution


Featured Sullair®
Oil-free Air Compressors


Scroll - SRL Series

2–44 HP

Powered by two scrolls — one orbiting and one fixed. Provides pulsation-free delivery of air. Quiet and efficient.

  • Exclusive scroll and pump design
  • Highly efficient cooling
  • Air pressure up to 145psig
  • Compact design
Sullair rotary screw

Rotary Screw - DSP Series

30–300 HP

Ideal for continuous air needs between 100-1300 CFM. Comes with either fixed or variable speed drives to optimize efficiency.

  • Two-stage air end
  • Oversized motor options
  • Noise-reducing package
  • 3-year warranty
PIC_f-series centrifugal - 2

Centrifugal Series

175–4300 HP

Efficient aerodynamics, non-contacting internal parts, and an exceptional cooling system. Simple design and operation. 

  • Class 0 air quality
  • 4 stages of compression
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Incredible longevity

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