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Why Does My Air Compressor Keep Shutting Off? Here’s What You Need To Know

If your air compressor keeps shutting off, there’s an issue somewhere in your system. We know that a lack of compressed air can be detrimental to production, so diagnosing the problem is crucial. Here’s how to discover why your compressor keeps shutting down and how to prevent the issue from continuing. 

Why Does My Air Compressor Keep Shutting Off?

A constant shut-off of your air compressor is a problem that will keep your facility from running. From the pressure valve to the compressor itself stalling, there’s an array of reasons why your compressor keeps shutting off. We’re here to dive into some of the possible issues. 

Some of the most common issues that could be causing your compressor to shut off include the following:

  • The ambient temperature is too high, or there’s not enough ventilation
  • Oil levels are too low
  • You’re using the wrong type of oil
  • Your oil cooler is dirty
  • The thermostatic valve isn’t working properly
  • There’s dirt or an obstruction in the oil lines
  • The oil filter is clogged
  • There’s restricted airflow over the air to the liquid cooler
  • A faulty temperature switch
  • Too high an engine liquid coolant supply temperature in a liquid-to-liquid cooler

How Can I Prevent My Air Compressor From Shutting Down?

The best way to avoid your air compressor shutting down completely is to perform routine checks on it. After all, the best way to fix a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place! 

Daily Air Compressor Maintenance:

  • Check the pump oil level
  • Inspect for oil leaks
  • Drain the water in the tank
  • Check for unusual noises or vibrations
  • Inspect for air leaks
  • Inspect the belts

Weekly Air Compressor Maintenance:

  • Inspect the air filters, clean them, and replace them if necessary

Monthly Air Compressor Maintenance:

  • Check the safety relief valve
  • Inspect and tighten all the bolts
  • Check for leaks in connections

Annual Air Compressor Maintenance:

  • Service your pump or engine

Invest in Remote Air Compressor Monitoring

What if you could monitor the health and status of your air compressor system in real-time and prevent issues from the start? With remote air compressor monitoring, you can!

TMI is proud to introduce AIRMATICS™ – an easy-to-use, cloud-based air compressor monitoring system. Now, it’s simpler than ever to get real-time data on the performance of your air compressor at the push of a button.

Some of the benefits of investing in AIRMATICS™ for your air compressor system include the following:

  • It’s energy-efficient
  • Issues are addressed before they become critical
  • It’s cost-effective
  • Operational metrics are always available
  • It improves compressor lifespan


If AIRMATICS™ sounds like the perfect solution you’re looking for, get in touch with TMI’s professional experts for information on how you can implement AIRMATICS™ for intuitive monitoring of your air system.

The TMI Team is Here To Help

When your air compressor is down, your facility isn’t profitable. The TMI Compressors team gets this and is available 24/7 for service calls on your schedule. If your air compressor keeps shutting off and you can’t get the air you need, our technicians are here to help. Call us today!