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How Much Do Air Leaks Cost?

Air leaks prevent your compressor from operating at maximum efficiency, which can cost your facility money. You know it’s a problem, but your maintenance team is stretched thin and you don’t want to cover the overtime expense for them to do weekend repairs.

We get it — the task just keeps getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. But how much are those air leaks actually costing you in the meantime?

Below, we’ll do a deep dive into how much air leaks cost your facility, as well as how much it costs to fix them.

How Much Are Air Leaks Costing My Facility?

If your compressor has an air leak, it’s costing you money in more than one way. Reduced pressure, wasted energy, and slower operation are all results of air leaks, and they all carry a price tag.

The cost of an air leak depends on two main factors: the size of the air compressor and the size of the leak. While some air leaks are very small and could go undetected without a professional evaluation, others are big enough to hear without using special technology. And if you can hear a leak, it’s probably costing your facility at least $500 per year.

When air compressor experts determine a more specific number regarding the cost of an air leak, they look at its size, as well as how many cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air flow are lost based on that size. Here’s a guide to help you understand how much air leaks of various sizes may be costing your facility, on average:

Average Yearly Cost of Air Leaks Based on Leak Size

  • 1/64″ diameter = .45 CFM = $47/year
  • 1/32” diameter = 1.6 CFM = $198/year
  • 1/16” diameter = 6.45 CFM = $800/year
  • 1/8″ diameter = 25.8 CFM = $3,208/year
  • 1/4″ diameter = 103 CFM = $12,812/year
  • 3/8″ diameter = 234 CFM = $29,113/year

Keep in mind that these cost estimates are for just one air leak. But, upon a professional evaluation, many facilities detect a number of leaks — increasing those estimates substantially.

How Much Do Air Leaks Cost to Fix?

After reading through those estimated costs, you may have a newfound respect for your team’s time spent fixing them — but you might also be worried about how much the repairs will cost. The good news? In many cases, air leak repairs can be paid for through utility companies’ energy rebate programs

Utility companies know that air compressors use a ton of electricity, which is why they’ll reward you for any energy-saving efforts. These rebates vary in dollar amount but cover anything from prescriptive measures to custom repairs. By working with a compressed air supplier that understands and accepts these rebate programs, you can use your utility incentives and get the repair work you need for no out-of-pocket cost.

Fix Your Air Leaks and Save Your Money With TMI

At TMI, we’re the only air compressor manufacturer in West Michigan with a team that specializes in finding and fixing leaks, as well as working with utility companies’ energy rebates. As experts in energy efficiency, we understand these rebate programs and work with energy companies like Consumers’ Energy to help you make the best use of yours.

How We Fix Air Leaks With No Out-of-Pocket Costs

Before we even head out to your facility, our team will connect with your utility provider to determine your rebate eligibility. Then, our team visits your facility to find, report, tag, and fix those air leaks.

Our partnership with Consumers Energy and other energy companies means there are no purchase orders or proposals to sign. We simply come out and fix those air leaks for you. Once our report is submitted, our team is paid for their time with the rebates reserved through Consumers.

If you suspect an air leak in your compressor, there’s no reason to wait on a fix. The TMI experts can help! Our find, fix, and save process is streamlined to ensure your facility operates at maximum efficiency. For more information, give us a call or contact us online today.


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